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This product was manufactured under fair working conditions in conformity with Fair Wear Foundation.
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Made in Europe

This product was made in Europe. As such we support regional expertise, eliminating long transport routes.

Climate Neutral

This product is climate neutral. It was produced in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Any unavoidable CO2 emissions have been offset.
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Basic protection for your hands

Very warm, traditional mittens made from Swiss wool for cold winter days


  • Outstanding thermal properties and unparalleled climate control
  • Wool warms even when wet
  • CLASSIC MILLED WOOL: fair, sustainable and regional

Made of 100% virgin wool, the Swisswool CLASSIC MITTEN offers all the benefits of wool to keep your hands at the optimum temperature.

In winter and summer alike: Our Swisswool CLASSIC MITTEN in 100% virgin wool offers basic protection for your hands on hills and high mountains.
The positive features of wool really come into their own in gloves, as wool warms even when it gets wet. Virgin wool is also known for its excellent thermal properties and optimum climate control. Our Swisswool CLASSIC WOOL MITTEN is also made from fair-trade wool from Switzerland, which makes it particularly sustainable.
No matter where you are: Your fingers will always be nice and warm with the Swisswool CLASSIC MITTEN.

Area of usage

Alpine climbing 1/5
High Alpine 2/5
Alpine 2/5
Ski Tour 4/5
Freeride 3/5

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100% virgin wool (Swisswool)


We have been using Swisswool– wool fibers from Switzerland – as insulation material since 2011. A sustainable wool of regional origin, it warms superbly even when wet, is easy to care for and offers a perfect microclimate.


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Feb 14, 2021
Meiner Meinung nach gibt keinen besseren Handschuh als diesen. Die Fäustlinge halten die einzelnen Finger zusammen viel besser warm, als Handschuhe mit einzelnen Fingern. Achtung sie sind recht groß, damit man sie zur Abfahrt einfach über dünne Handschuhe drüber ziehen kann. Wer also eher enge Handschuhe gewöhnt ist sollte eine bis zwei Nummern kleiner bestellen. Ich bin super happy und habe seither keinen anderen Handschuh mehr im Gepäck dabei. In my opinion there is no better glove than this one. The mittens keep the individual fingers warm together much better than gloves with individual fingers. Attention, they are quite large, so that you can simply pull them over thin gloves when going downhill. So if you are used to rather tight gloves, you should order one or two sizes smaller. I'm super happy and haven't had any other gloves with me since then.
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Mar 12, 2021
Madeline Dunn


Our wool has its origins at the heart of a natural paradise: Tasmania. Where the air is at its purest, the food lush, and the climate moderate – that’s where fair merino wool that fulfils the highest quality standards can be found.



Our commitment to fair wool: Our own wool standard ensures that our merino wool is sourced in an animal- and environmentally-friendly manner. Our friendly relationship with our farmers enables us to have full transparency throughout the value-added chain.

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