avalanche transceivers

Avalanche transceivers are rescue devices, which need to be fully functional as they may be crucial for saving lives. Therefore it is essential to return your transceiver for a factory service according to the date indicated on the test seal.

We suggest that you send your transceiver back during the summer months to ensure that you have a fully tested device at the beginning of the winter season.

Avalanche transceiver service options

Avalanche transceiver check

After expiry of the 5 year factory warranty, we recommend that your device is serviced, and thereafter every two (2) years.


  • inspection of functions for transmitter and receiver
  • inspection and, if necessary, exchange of seals
  • inspection of battery contacts and battery capacity and, if necessary, exchange of batteries (replacement of batteries will incur an additional charge, the old ones will be returned to you)
  • test of earphone connection (earphone itself is not checked
  • visual inspection of casing for cracks (if we find cracks, the device must be exchanged, see REPAIR).
  • new sticker for recommended date of inspection

There will be a charge for each service once the warranty period has expired. 

Avalanche transceiver repair

If your transceiver needs to be repaired, it will be exchanged for a rebuilt device of the same model and year. This repair is intended for any 3+, S1+, S1, ZOOM+ f1 classic, f1 focus, m1 and m2:

  • totally new transmitting and receiving circuits
  • new batteries
  • new casing
  • new contacts

We issue a repair warranty of 12 months on this renewed device. There will be a charge for repairs once the warranty period has expired. Service Price list 

Exception to above: ORTOVOX m1 update 

You can “update” your m1 into a new m2 (colour petrol).