avalanche transceivers


The avalanche transceiver service lasts a maximum of 4-5 weeks. This time period may double between December and February. We therefore recommend getting a service during the summer months.  

We recommend carrying out a device check-up after 5 years at the latest, and every 2 years thereafter.

No problem, you can have your device serviced at any time. If your device is already overdue for a service, please send it in for a service as quickly as possible. You can register your device for a service easily in our ORTOVOX customer account.

You can find this out from the test seal – see the operating instructions.

If a warning is being displayed, do as follows:
• Move 5 meters away from electronic or metallic objects
• Turn the device off and on again
• If the warning is displayed again, the device must be checked by the ORTOVOX service point! You can book the service in your ORTOVOX customer account under "my service requests".

Further information can be found in the instruction manual.

The costs vary from country to country.

The cost of the service amounts to 19.00 € + sales tax +  shipping (UK: 5 GBP)

The repair cost amounts to 42.00 € + sales tax + shipping.

It all depends upon where you live. You can find the correct address when filling in the service request.  You can book a service request easily in your ORTOVOX customer account under "my service requests".

If an error message is displayed when you attempt to track your package, please check that you have sent it directly to the service point and not to our head office in Taufkirchen.

Please use the ZIP code 92245 for package tracking requests.

Yes, if you have booked a service via a service request, you can find out your processing status at any time in your ORTOVOX customer account (such as a receipt confirmation, dispatch confirmation).

Yes, you will receive a detailed test report or service report when your device is returned to you. In addition, once the service is complete, you can access your service report at any time in your ORTOVOX customer account under "my service requests".

If the battery in your device has been leaking, (regardless of the age of your device) OR if the device is defective AND more than 10 years old (see construction year) and we can no longer obtain replacement components, we regret that we will be unable to carry out a repair. This is because the components are no longer available and the technology has become obsolete. We only recommend the use of 3-antenna devices. You can find more information in the avalanche transceiver section.


For the S1 and S1+, the current software version, e.g. 2.0, will appear after switching the device on.

For the Zoom and 3+, the software version will appear after the serial number and the battery status have been shown.

A software update of your avalanche transceiver can be done by your ORTOVOX dealer. Alternatively, you can send your avalanche transceiver directly to our service center.

You can find your nearest ORTOVOX dealer by using our store locator. It is up to the retailer whether or not there are any costs for the update.

Alternatively, you can also send your avalanche transceiver to the service point via a service request. You can fill out a service request easily in your ORTOVOX customer account under "my service requests".

Postage is to be paid by the sender. Please do not send in your avalanche transceiver without postage because we will not accept the package in this case. 

If you have registered your avalanche transceiver at ortovox.com (ORTOVOX Customer account), you will be informed of any updates via email

You can find all the information about the new updates HERE


You can register your device online here which will extend your warranty claim from 2 to 5 years from the date of purchase (please keep your proof of purchase). 

By registering, you will also receive important information about your device and about software updates.

Registration means we can send you safety-related information about your device. Registering does not mean that you will receive any other information or newsletters (unless you have actively subscribed to the newsletter).

Registering the device will extend the warranty by three years (from two to five years) from the date of purchase. Please keep your receipt. A warranty claim can only be validated with the help of the receipt.

The warranty period is usually two years. If you register your device, the warranty will be extended by three years (from two to five years) from the date of purchase. Please keep your receipt. A warranty claim can only be validated with the help of the receipt.

We take the protection of your data very seriously. That’s why we, ORTOVOX Sportartikel GmbH, comply with statutory data protection requirements (specifically the German Federal Data Protection Act and the German Telemedia Act) as a matter of course, and do everything possible to keep your data confidential. Additionally, it is important to us that you know at all times what data we save and how we use it. You can find all INFORMATION ON DATA PROTECTION via the following link.


The 3+, ZOOM+ und S1+ models are to be used with ALKALINE batteries only. These models are not designed for use with rechargeable batteries. The battery function cannot be displayed reliably when using rechargeable batteries.

No, it does not decrease as long as the charge level is > 50%. We highly recommend replacing the batteries once the charge level is < 50%. Do not use rechargeable batteries! (as these have an output of only 1.2 volts instead of 1.5 volts) 


Our avalanche transceivers are made in Bavaria/Germany.

ZOOM+ and 3 +:

After switching on the device, 5 pairs of digits will appear – these are the serial number or device number. This is required i.a. for registration.

S1 and S1+ :

In the menu, go to Tools, Information, where you will be able to read off your serial number.

All avalanche transceivers (all manufacturers around the world) transmit at 457 kHz and operate according to the standard EN 300 718.

Our devices do not interfere with pacemakers. On the other hand, pacemakers could interfere with the device, so we recommend operating your avalanche transceiver with your right hand (away from your heart).

Can I continue to use an old device and will it still offer the same “old” safety and reliability? E.g. F1, M1, S1, Patroller

Old, functional (this is important!) devices still offer reliable search performance despite the outdated technology. However, technical developments have progressed and made the devices more user-friendly and, therefore, safer. The performance has been significantly improved during searching, thanks to the introduction of the Smart Antenna.

Unfortunately, we are not currently offering a replacement campaign.