Climbing backpacks

ORTOVOX climbing backpacks are designed for the specific requirements of climbers. Low weight, robust material and intelligent features such as the integrated RECCO reflector provide everything you need when climbing. ORTOVOX climbing backpacks are reduced to the minimum, uncompromising in terms of protection and function, and thus the perfect companion for demanding alpine climbing tours.

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Functional and practical: The perfect backpack for climbing

The rock face looms before you and blue skies stretch out above. A great day for a tour, with the right equipment to help you succeed: such as the right ORTOVOX climbing backpack. Lightweight, durable and full of the clever features that climbers need and love.


Our TRAD backpacks are impressively light: From the lightweight TRAD 18 (225g, 18 liters volume) to the fully equipped TRAD 35 (980g, 35 liters volume).

On demanding tours you can make your backpack even more lightweight by removing the aluminum back reinforcement and the hip belt.


TRAD climbing backpacks can survive even rugged terrain thanks to their robust material: The durable nylon ripstop fabric is abrasion and tear resistant.

Optimum comfort thanks to high-flex contact back system

ORTOVOX climbing backpacks from TRAD 24 S up have a clever back system that provides the highest possible comfort and great freedom of movement on the rock face.

Special features include: 

• A lightweight, removable aluminum frame. Even at such a low weight, it provides great flexibility, stability and protection.

• A full-contact carrying system. Thanks to the 3D shape, the backpack will sit close to your back. This makes it comfortable to carry and weight gets evenly distributed.

Clever features make climbing easier

When you’re out and about, things need to be close to hand or packed away quickly. Thanks to our years of experience, we know how to make a climber’s life easier. You need quick access to materials, a slim size, light weight, a close and stable fit, and fastening options for equipment such as a rope, poles and ice axe.

Safety: Climbing backpack with a rescue system for emergencies

Your safety is our priority. ORTOVOX climbing backpacks will equip you for an emergency!

In addition to an emergency card and a chest strap with signal whistle (standard with all ORTOVOX backpacks), our climbing backpacks come with another feature: a RECCO reflector. RECCO’s SAR1 rescue system is a helicopter-based detector that is used in many areas. It’s used to search large areas in the shortest time possible, no matter if the victims are in a forest, on a mountain or on a glacier. A small reflector integrated into TRAD climbing backpacks helps to find you quickly.


What makes an ORTOVOX climbing backpack special?

High functionality and comfort are priorities when it comes to our backpacks for climbing. Your equipment and items such as drinking bottles and ice axes can be cleverly and securely stowed away. The shoulder straps, hip belt and back system are ergonomically shaped and ensure weight is distributed evenly. So there’s nothing to stop you enjoying your climb!

Our backpacks come with a whole range of clever basic features.

Standard in ORTOVOX backpacks:

  • Emergency card
  • Chest strap with signal whistle
  • Compression strap (also for attaching skis)
  • Bright color inside
  • Hydration system compatibility


Discover all the benefits of ORTOVOX climbing backpacks for men and women here:

  • Lid compartment with key hook
  • No touch design for unlimited freedom of movement with a helmet
  • Removable back reinforcement – for reducing weight
  • RECCO reflector makes you easy to locate with RECCO’s SAR1 helicopter rescue system.
  • Emergency card
  • Compression strap (also for attaching skis)
  • Material loops
  • Helmet net
  • Simple fastenings for your rope, axe and other ice gear

Which size is right for me?

The right fit is essential for ensuring that your climbing backpack sits comfortably without causing back problems. ORTOVOX backpacks come in two variants. TRAD climbing backpacks with an “S” in their name are especially suitable for people with short backs: The back system is significantly shorter on these backpacks.

• If you are approx. 150–175cm tall with a back length of 36–44cm, we recommend a “short” (S) climbing backpack.

• If you are approx. 170–195cm tall with a back length of 42–50cm, we recommend a “regular” (R) backpack.

Determine the right backpack size for you by measuring the length of your back from the 7th cervical vertebra (easy to feel on the back of your neck) to the top of your hip bone.

Find detailed information about how to determine your back length.


Find your ORTOVOX backpack for alpine climbing!

You can easily order an ORTOVOX climbing backpack and have it delivered for you to try out at your leisure.

Need more information? You’ll find useful links to information about ORTOVOX backpacks on our backpack service page.