Merino hoodies and fleece jackets for women

ORTOVOX outdoor merino hoodies and fleece jackets for women will impress you with their high feel-good factor: Soft merino wool, movement-friendly cut and excellent climate management make them the perfect companions for demanding mountain sports.


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Hoodies | Fleece Jackets


Merino Hoodies & Fleece jackets for women: Perfectly equipped for outdoor sports

To ensure you’re ready for high-performance sport, you have to be uncompromising when it comes to your gear. Choosing a merino hoodie or fleece jacket is choosing outstanding comfort and a clever design that offers optimum moisture and temperature regulation.

Whether you’re climbing, mountaineering or freeriding – ORTOVOX merino hoodies and fleece jackets will equip you perfectly for a whole range of outdoor sports. Athletic, tailored fits designed specifically for the needs of women ensure that your freedom of movement isn’t restricted – you’ll still feel great when the going gets tough. 

By the way...your merino hoodies and fleece jackets will only really be breathable when the layers below perfectly match this function (e.g. with functional underwear and merino t-shirt).

Traditional yet modern – discover the special features of our merino hoodies & fleece jackets for women

Functionality and sustainability are the number one priorities at ORTOVOX, ensuring you have the best possible protection in the mountains. We combine these two qualities in every single one of our products. To achieve this, we use traditional materials – such as merino wool – and combine them with highly functional synthetic fibers using modern manufacturing processes that make the perfect apparel for your alpine tour.

Merino wool: The best materials can be found in nature

Sustainable merino wool is truly multitalented! This natural functional fiber is perfect for mountainwear, which is why we’ve used it as a material in every single item of clothing we’ve produced since 1988. 

Benefit from merino outdoor apparel

  • Soft: Because wool fibers are very fine and high quality, they feel comfortably soft against the skin even when the going gets tough.
  • Odor neutralizing: You can neutralize odors simply by airing out your merino sweater, allowing you to wear it several days in a row.
  • Moisture regulating: Wool fibers reliably absorb moisture without feeling wet.
  • Temperature regulating: In summer, moisture dries more quickly and the evaporation has a cooling effect. In winter, the wool keeps you warm thanks to insulating pockets of air between the individual merino fibers.

Check out the functions of wool to discover more about the exciting features of merino wool.

Regional SWISSWOOL: Perfectly equipped, even on very cold days

To ensure you can pursue your love of mountain sports in winter too, many of our merino outdoor hoodies and fleece jackets also come with warming, robust SWISSWOOL. These wool fibers from Switzerland boast impressive thermal properties. And yet you can still enjoy perfect climate control.

But how does sheep’s wool from the Swiss Alps become a functional merino hoodie or fleece jacket? Take a peek behind the scenes of our regional production.

Merino hoodies & fleece jackets for women: Functional, uncompromising design

In addition to wool, we also use highly functional synthetic fibers in our hoodies and fleece jackets. Here we use recycled polyester – once again emphasizing that sustainability is our top priority. Thanks to the combination of functional fibers developed by ORTOVOX, our merino hoodies and fleece jackets are very durable and, when needed, highly stretchable.

We’ve even designed the merino hoodies' and fleece jackets’ special features to perfectly suit your needs: Protective hoods, practical zippers and pockets on the breast and upper arm mean you’ll be perfectly equipped for any situation.

Merino hoodies and fleece jackets available online!

Discover and compare our merino hoodies and fleece jackets for women in our online shop. If you’re not sure which hoodie or fleece jacket is right for your outdoor sport of choice, fill out the contact form or give us a call. We’ll be happy to help!