High alpine tour backpacks

ORTOVOX high alpine tour backpacks combine all the qualities you need on a high alpine tour: Robust material, low weight and intelligent features. One particular backpack highlight on these backpacks is the innovative back system featuring SWISSWOOL: The high-quality Swiss wool ensures excellent climate management.

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When should you use an ORTOVOX high alpine tour backpack?

Whether Grossvenediger or Lyskamm: As the name suggests, you use such a backpack for traditional high alpine tours. But it is also the perfect companion for combined tours on ice and rock!

The best thing about ORTOVOX high alpine tour backpacks: Just a single backpack can be used for a varied range of uses! You can also use all “PEAK” range backpacks for high alpine tours and for ski tours.

Variety and flexibility:

  • The extra-lightweight “PEAK Light” models are also ideal for alpine climbing.
  • The classic “PEAK” models are the ideal companions for mountaineering.

ORTOVOX high alpine tour backpack – your ideal companion

Our high alpine tour backpacks are focused upon high functionality and comfort. See the many benefits of ORTOVOX backpacks for yourself!

Low weight

The lighter the backpack, the better! All ORTOVOX high alpine tour backpacks are impressively lightweight yet still robust and stable enough for any mountain adventure.

Are you looking for a particularly lightweight backpack for high alpine tours? Then the PEAK Light 30 S and PEAK Light 32 will be the right choice for you! They both combine light weight with stability and comfort. You can even reduce the weight further by removing the lid, hip fins and aluminum back frame.

Thus, your backpack is not only ideal for high alpine tours – you can also take it with you when you go alpine climbing!

Robust material

Our high alpine tour backpacks can withstand a considerable amount of punishment: Extremely tear and abrasion-resistant nylon material makes these backpacks very robust.

Unique comfort: Back system with SWISSWOOL 

A technical back system with SWISSWOOL is a real highlight – there are back systems available with SWISSWOOL TEC KNIT and SWISSWOOL FULL CONTACT: Made with pressed Swiss wool, this natural material offers you unique moisture and climate control. 

In contrast to conventional backpack back systems made from foam, SWISSWOOL can absorb up to almost 30 times more moisture and is nearly 7% more breathable. And the surface of a SWISSWOOL back system dries significantly faster. On an alpine tour, this means: noticeably increased comfort!

The SWISSWOOL pads of this technical back system guarantee comfort, light weight and pleasant temperature management. And thanks to flexible, removable elements such as a lid pocket, hip fins and the back reinforcement, the backpack can be perfectly adapted to suit your needs.


Optimal features: One backpack – many advantages

From lid compartment to hiking pole fastenings: ORTOVOX high alpine tour backpacks have numerous practical features! 

ORTOVOX backpack standard features 

These essential features are standard in ORTOVOX backpacks:

  • Emergency card
  • Chest strap with signal whistle
  • Compression straps
  • Bright color inside
  • Hydration system compatibility
  • Ski fastenings

Benefits of high alpine tour backpacks for men and women

Discover the many benefits and special features of ORTOVOX high alpine tour backpacks:

  • Flexible lids: The lid can be removed completely or stowed in the main compartment 
  • Lid compartment with two pockets and taped seams for increased protection against the wet
  • Circumferential zipper: The main compartment can be quickly accessed from the front
  • Map compartment
  • Safety fastenings: Securely hold your emergency equipment
  • Removable hip fins with practical pockets
  • Wide, padded shoulder and hip straps: Your high alpine tour backpack will be comfortable to carry; weight is distributed evenly between your shoulders and hips
  • Excellent temperature management thanks to SWISSWOOL TEC KNIT
  • Water resistant: All fabrics have a PU coating

What size should my high alpine tour backpack be?

The right fit is essential for ensuring that your backpack sits comfortably. Therefore, ORTOVOX backpacks are available in two sizes. Backpacks with an “S” in their name are especially suitable for people with short backs: The back system is correspondingly shorter.

  • If you are approx. 150–175cm tall with a back length of 36–44cm, we recommend a “short” (S) backpack.
  • If you are approx. 170–195cm tall with a back length of 42–50cm, we recommend a “regular” (R) backpack.

It’s easy to find out which backpack size is right for you: Measure the length of your back from the 7th cervical vertebra (easy to feel on the back of your neck) to the top of your hip bone.

Find detailed information about how to determine your back length.


Find your ORTOVOX backpack for high alpine tours and more!

Have the benefits of our high alpine tour backpacks convinced you? You can easily order an ORTOVOX backpack and have it delivered for you to try out at your leisure.

Need more information? You’ll find useful links to information about ORTOVOX backpacks on our backpack service page.