ski local


our ski local philosophy

SKI LOCAL is our approach to mountain sports: reflecting upon all our different goals, our local mountains come to mind. We still have all of our major goals, but there is so much to explore right upon our doorstep that we can get to without having to travel too far. It’s something that lights up our joy of discovery. The attraction doesn't come from ticking off to-do lists or setting out to conquer the latest trending summit. Mindful ski touring can also mean simply waking up very early, deciding against a tour, or just seeking out a spot off the beaten track. And it all needs to be done in an eco-friendly way, because we each determine the tracks we leave behind on our journey of discovery.


We must strive to protect what we love. Our passions – freeriding, ski touring, experiencing nature – are irrefutably linked with the preservation of our mountains. We need to reflect upon the way we “consume” nature just as consciously as we reflect upon our everyday actions.


We all leave tracks behind in nature – we determine what they look like. The aim of every ski tourer should be to keep them as unobtrusive as possible. Don’t leave waste behind in the mountains, respect conservation zones, and avoid feeding-areas and young trees.


SKI LOCAL means deciding against making long journeys in favor of paying more attention to the local area. And it needs to be done mindfully: there are hot spots that are creaking under the weight of overcrowding. The solution: going on acyclic tours, seeking out new goals – or sometimes even deciding against a tour.


Ski touring is a shared, social experience. With friends, your journey will be more sustainable, you’ll be safer in an emergency and your experience will be all the more rewarding. But when it comes to Ski Local, community means something else too: supporting local residents by taking a break in a hut or an inn in the valley after your tour.


the alps are our home

SKI LOCAL means something different to each person. From the Eastern Alps to the wild Western Alps, from the Lofoten mountains in Norway to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming – every local mountain and every region has a personal connection, a very special individual story that we would love to share with you. Follow our athletes and staff in their local mountains, and discover your own SKI LOCAL story!