Short transport routes, transparency and proximity to suppliers: Europe is at the heart of wool production at ORTOVOX. Well over half the textile products made with sheep’s wool are produced in Europe. This proximity allows us to ensure quality in the long term as it makes it easier for us to coordinate with our producers and gives us the advantage of greater flexibility.There are numerous other reasons to manufacture products in the EU, including the high level of specialization when it comes to producing complex materials, as well as certain advantages from a business perspective, such as lower exchange rate fluctuations. Generally speaking, it is important for ORTOVOX to choose the right partners – both in Europe and in our second production line in Asia. The working conditions in these locations are monitored and improved at local level, as this is really the only way to resolve any potential issues.

We are also set to intensify our production activities in Europe in the future. Maintaining close proximity to our 30 suppliers is the right way to ensure we will continue to be able to offer our high-quality products in the long term.

When choosing the factories of today and tomorrow, ORTOVOX uses the Fair Wear Foundation guidelines as a basis, and works exclusively with companies that share the company’s ethical and moral principles and advocate appropriate working conditions. The continual improvement of these working conditions is an on-going process. ORTOVOX is determined to follow this path so that it can continue to offer its products with a clear conscience!   


In 2016, ORTOVOX presented its first ever social report after joining the Fair Wear Foundation in July 2015. Membership of this organization requires the company to report on the latest status of production and the improvements required. The first Social Report provides the necessary transparency. In spite of the strong growth at ORTOVOX, it is important that the company lives up to its social responsibility towards people, animals and the environment.

Having gained LEADER STATUS in December 2018, we are now one of the leading brands committed to improving working conditions in the supply chain. This includes: ensuring living wages are paid, working hours are reasonable, and that there is no exploitation through child labor.